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Toilet tissue has some acronym, although not every always remembers exactly what they mean.  Normally the JBT is associated with the 12" or jumbo rolls.  The JRT is normally associated with the 9" or junior rolls.

  • JBT - Jumbo Bath Tissue
  • JRT - Junior Roll Towel

These choices of toilet tissue

  Toilet Tissue Toilet Tissue


  • 4.1"x3.25"
  • 2-Ply
  • 400



Toilet tissue has a universal function and is held in high regard in most areas of our world - but not all toilet tissues are created equal. Thankfully, however only recently, toilet tissue quality has improved. It has taken a long time to get where we are today. Toilet tissue, as we enjoy it today, was not always available. Real paper toilet tissue dates back to China around the 1300ís. Before then, and even up to modern times, people used common items such as sticks and stones where toilet tissue was unavailable - it is still now unavailable in large parts of the World. Toilet tissue on a continuous perforated roll was not available in this country until the 1880ís when the Scott Paper Company rolled it out onto the market. Countless multitudes have been thankful ever since. Smooth unadulterated toilet tissue (no splinters) was not available here until the early 1900ís. Toilet tissue has fortunately evolved and the quality has improved. We now have flat sheets and rolled sheets of soft luxurious medicated papers. Selecting toilet tissue for your restrooms is basic. Your choice is limited to tissue quality and the size of the roll or sheets. Your choice of tissue quality depends largely on your personal preference and the amount you are willing to pay for quality. Grades of toilet tissue vary based on length, width, softness, thickness and medicated versus non-medicated. Toilet paper with a scent or a logo or a theme can even be found. Toilet tissues made of recycled products are also available if you want to Go green. The good news is that toilet tissue is now widely available and the quality has greatly improved. When selecting a toilet tissue for a commercial restroom your choice of toilet tissue should match the choice of dispenser of course. If you are also selecting a toilet tissue dispenser, then be sure to consider your patronís desires and the barrier-free mounting requirement under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). A toilet tissue dispenser that holds an inadequate supply of toilet tissue or obstructs access to the toilet is an aggravation to your customer regardless of the quality of the toilet tissue it dispenses. Choosing good toilet tissue and a dispenser that works is more important to your customers and employees than you might think. WWYU Ė what would you use?
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