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When we say style we are actually referring to the type of toilet tissue you are choosing to dispense. Just like the actual tissue dispensers there are multiple varieties of toilet tissue. You have single roll, dual roll, jumbo, center pull, single sheet and wet–dry.

Single Roll Tissue Dispensers - Single roll tissue dispensers can be ideal for restrooms that are low traffic such as household and office environments. But, any restroom that is going to have more than just a few users is going to need a dispenser that can hold more than a single roll.

Dual Roll Tissue Dispensers - Dual roll dispensers are for restrooms that have a moderate amount of traffic. They can hold two rolls at once and will dramatically cut down on the time spent changing use rolls. There are even models that are designed to dispense one roll at a time and automatically replace the depleted roll with a fresh new roll. This type of toilet tissue dispenser is very common in many restrooms.

Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispensers - For high-traffic areas the jumbo roll dispenser is recommended. This type of toilet tissue dispenser houses a jumbo size toilet tissue roll. These roles on average are about 10 inches in diameter and are designed to last for extended periods of time. If you have a high-traffic restroom this type of dispenser really can save you money in the long run.

Center Pull Tissue Dispensers - Center pull dispensers also sometimes use jumbo tissue rolls. These are units that allow you to pull the paper from the center of the roll instead of the outside of the roll. These units are almost always surface mounted and allow the paper to be removed without having to touch anything but the paper.



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