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One of the most important factors to consider before choosing a toilet tissue dispenser is how you will mount it. Mounting options are available in surface mounted, recessed mounted, or semi-recessed. This take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of these mounting types.

Surface Mounted  - Surface mounted units are often the most common choice. This basically means that the dispenser will be mounted directly onto a surface instead of being placed inside of it. Surface mounted toilet tissue dispensers are much easier to install than recessed and semi-recessed dispensers. There is no need to cut holes in your walls or partitions, just mount the dispenser directly onto the surface. Sometimes this is the only option available when renovating an existing restroom. Depending on the depth of your walls this may be your only mounting option available. While this can be the easiest option, it may not meet ADA standards.

Recess Mounted - If you are purchasing your toilet tissue dispenser during or before the construction of your building, you might want to consider installing a recessed unit. A recessed unit is a dispenser that is installed into the depth of the wall, this makes the face of the unit flush with the wall. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, recessed units also help to create space and clear up clutter in the restroom. Another advantage of a recessed toilet paper dispenser is that they most commonly meet ADA requirements. The drawback of this mounting type is that you must have the necessary depth in your wall to accommodate the majority of the dispenser.

Semi-Recess Mounted - There are some situations where you would like to store the entire toilet tissue dispenser in the wall, but just don't have the depth. In these instances you may choose to select a semi-recessed dispenser. This mounting type allows you to partially store the unit in the wall. Semi-recessed is a great option in situations where you have limited wall depth, but still would like to create extra space in your restroom.




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