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The first thing to consider when selecting a toilet tissue dispenser for your restrooms is location. Always locate the toilet tissue dispenser close to the toilet - naturally; seriously speaking, the toilet tissue dispenser placement is important in order to comply with the barrier free requirements under the Americanís with Disabilities Act (ADA) and possibly other regulations specific to your state or locale. Another factor to consider is the size of the rolls, the number of rolls and type of toilet tissue that your patrons will expect from your toilet tissue dispenser. Isnít it annoying and troubling to find poor quality tissue or worse Ė no tissue at all in a facilitiesí toilet tissue dispenser. Knowing the average daily traffic of your restrooms is important for selecting the toilet tissue roll size and storage capacity requirements for an adequate toilet tissue dispenser. Also consider your patrons expectations and any possible legal requirements for combination toilet tissue dispensers and seat cover dispensers. Some state and local health ordinances require seat cover dispensers in addition to toilet tissue dispensers. Todayís choice of toilet tissue dispensers include rolls - jumbo or junior size rolls - perforated or non-perforated rolls, single sheet or center pull as well as combination toilet tissue dispensers that incorporate seat covers and a feminine napkin disposal receptacle. You may also prefer a stainless steel toilet tissue dispenser over one made of plastic or aluminum if durability, style and hygiene are very important. Some toilet tissue dispensers can be locked to prevent tampering. We suggest that you simply click on one of the links provide at this website to find a wide assortment of well designed and constructed toilet tissue dispensers available for high traffic commercial restrooms. Our selection of high quality toilet tissue dispensers is based on the proven structural quality of the toilet tissue dispensers and the sterling reputation of the manufacturers. You will find the toilet tissue dispenser of your dreams by following either of the links we have suggested.


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