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There have been very few major changes in toilet tissue dispensers. Toilet tissue dispensers serve one main purpose; to hold and dispense toilet tissue with ease and to help keep the facility clean, uncluttered and hygienic. Even antique toilet tissue dispensers look very similar to today's toilet paper dispensers because the purpose is the same - basically to hold the roll on a rod.

Here is an example of an antique toilet tissue dispenser. The basic design is the same as the single roll wall mounted toilet tissue dispensers of today.
Here is a toilet paper dispenser from over 40 years ago with a built in AM Radio. This dispenser is considered vintage kitsch today, but at the time was a luxury item for the family that had it all. The basic design of the toilet tissue dispenser did not change although the radio was added to the dispenser.
Single Sheet Toilet Tissue Dispensers are popular in schools and mental health facilities where the act of unrolling toilet tissue off of a roll may be difficult. These dispensers are very similar to a paper towel dispenser where each individual sheet is dispensed one at a time. The downside to these dispensers is that replacement paper can be very difficult find and purchase.
21st  century innovations have lead to the center pull style toilet paper dispenser. Before the centerpull dispenser, most dispenser worked basically the same. The centerpull style toilet paper dispenser no longer has a roll of paper on a rod, the paper is now pulled from the center. This design is more sanitary as you only handle the tissue that you use. It has a locking protective casing that minimizes vandalism and theft. The centerpull works on gravity adding to the ease of use and in return the customer uses less toilet tissue.
  The Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers also known as JRT are made in a variety of sizes usually 9" or 12". The size corresponds to the diameter of the toilet paper roll. The larger roll size offers more paper which in return offers less frequent roll changing. The JRT is great for high frequency  restrooms. The JRT also features a locking mechanism and commercial paper size that reduces theft and vandalism. 
The Toilet Caddy solves many bathroom space dilemmas. No longer is the toilet paper dispenser only for dispensing toilet paper. Now you can store extra rolls of toilet paper along with keeping magazines right readily available. The toilet caddy is known as the problem solver because it reduces bathroom clutter by placing everything right at your fingertips. 
NICO Wet/dry
Evolution meets Revolution
For the first time since the invention of the toilet tissue dispenser - now there is really a revolution in the design on the toilet tissue dispenser. NICO is a combination system of wet and dry toilet tissue. The tissue is flushable and safe for plumbing. Over the past few years there has been a push for moist toilet tissue. It is hygienic and leaves you feeling clean. Many consumers have stored their wet wipes out of site because there was no place to put them. With NICO wet/dry system now there is a stylish wall mounted dispenser for both moist toilet tissue and dry toilet tissue. NICO offers a retrofit and a back plate system along with a hybrid system that allows for a basic roll of toilet tissue to sit beside the NICO system












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