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Toilet Tissue & Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Toilet tissue serves a basic purpose but choosing tissue and dispensers varies with the application.

Only recently has there been a real changing in toilet tissue dispensers and toilet tissue.  Read this informative article to see what is new with Wet Dry dispensers and tissue.

Innovations in Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Toilet Tissue

  • Roll
  • Centerpull
  • Single Sheet
  • Wet Dry
  • Perforated
  • Non-Perforated

Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Four types of toilet tissue dispensers are Wet Dry, Single Sheet, Roll, 9" JRT , 12" JBT  and CenterPull.  

Toilet Tissue Dispenser Manufacturers

  • American Specialties Inc.
  • Baywest
  • Bobrick
  • Bradley Corp.
  • Cintas/Sanis
  • Cormatic
  • Fort Howard
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Jofel USA
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Merfin
  • NICO
  • San Jamar
  • SCA/Tork
  • Sysco
  • VonDrehle

Toilet Tissue and Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Toilet tissue has an obvious universal application that we are reminded of daily. Thankfully toilet tissue has evolved in quality over time; toilet tissue impregnated with aloe vera comes to mind. Toilet tissue and toilet tissue dispensers are a relatively new invention, believe it or not. Official toilet tissue, which historians describe as "paper produced specifically for personal hygiene", probably dates back to the 1300's AD in China. However, toilet tissue in perforated rolls is a new invention. For much of history, and even today in large areas of the world, people employ common items such as sticks, grass, leaves, corn cobs, stones and the left hand. The J.C. Gayetty Co. of New York is attributed with packaging a flat sheet toilet tissue in 1857. Rolled toilet tissue was not available in this country until around 1880 when the Scott Paper Company got into the business. Splinter free toilet tissue was not available until the early 20th century. Toilet tissue and toilet tissue dispensers have now improved to include both flat sheet and rolled perforated sheets of soft and even medicated papers. Toilet tissue dispensers have evolved to accommodate high volume jumbo rolls, regular junior rolls, single sheets, center pull, perforated and non-perforated paper. Selecting toilet tissue for your restrooms is basic - if you already have a tissue dispenser - your choice is limited to tissue quality and roll size. Your choice of tissue quality depends largely on your budget and how much you are concerned about patron/employee comfort. Available grades of tissue vary based on length, width, softness, thickness and medicated versus non-medicated. Toilet tissues made of recycled paper products versus virgin timber are available for the environmentally conscious. The good news is that all toilet tissue is now splinter-free. Your selection of a toilet tissue dispenser is more important however. Be sure you consider the size of the roll you want to install and the location of the dispenser - next to the toilet is a good place. Seriously, you should consider the size of your restroom stall and its frequency of use. A toilet tissue dispenser that holds an inadequate supply of toilet tissue or is an obstruction in a narrow stall is a real aggravation to your employees, your janitor and your patrons. Our selection of toilet tissues and quality toilet tissue dispensers are for commercial applications and are based on durability, application and reliability. Choose both the toilet tissue and your toilet tissue dispenser wisely; it is more important to customer and employee satisfaction than you might think.

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